Life in a city can be pretty overwhelming especially when it is for working couples. Due to hectic schedules and busy life, they hardly get time with each other. In midst of such an atmosphere, it’s best to take a short break. Coorg is an amazing place for couples who love to be surrounded by nature. If you want to rekindle your romance, you must plan for your stay at the best resorts for couples in Coorg with great honeymoon packages. The place is an ultimate blend of sophistication and royalty. IBNI SPRING RESORT in Madikeri provides an ideal setting for a romantic getaway with your partner. It is one of the best places for newly wedded couples too.

What can be more romantic than enjoying the weather and watching the sunrise with your bride by your side? You can enjoy the beauty of nature and indulge yourself in various activities. Show your new side to your partner and dive into some adventurous activities that you would love to enjoy with your partner.

What is the best time for couples to visit Coorg?

Surrounded by lush green forests, beautiful waterfalls, and covered with mountains, Coorg is one of the best locations for couples. The place is full of beautiful views and amazing weather, which makes it perfect to visit Coorg all around the year. Being one of the best stays in Coorg for couples, IBNI Spring Madikeri offers perfect ways to rejuvenate yourself and find peace all around. This resort is budget-friendly as well as provides luxurious accommodations.

Is IBNI Spring Resort one of the finest properties in Coorg?

This property is a combination of traditional culture and modern amenities, making it one of the best resorts in Madikeri. Added to the lush green plantations and amazing views, the property is well known for its hospitality. The resort is surrounded by greenery all around. What is more beautiful to observe than dewdrops on green grass that look like pearls? The most romantic thing the couples can enjoy is the sunset. The modern sculptures, breathtaking interiors, and superior services at IBNI Spring resort make it the best Honeymoon resort in Madikeri. Staying in this iconic resort, is no less than a fantasy with dreamy settings and luxurious offerings. The vast architecture, beautiful surroundings, and lavish rooms will reignite your love for nature.

 What Room Options do we get?

Scrolling down your itinerary and checking the complete arrangements brings in the most important question. What room options do I have? Do we have a balcony? Is the bathroom big enough? Do we have an internet facility?

From a luxurious stay to a decent and simple environment, IBNI Spring offers two types of cottages. Being a 3-star hotel, they give the best pricing for the newly-weds, couples, and


  1. Deluxe cottages

These cottages are waterfall-facing, and give a very serene view from the room. They have a 42 inches LED along with a Netflix subscription. You also get 24*7 Wi-Fi support. They are comparatively cheaper than the other category.

  1. Wooden Cottages

These cottages give a clear view of the nature. You feel right in the middle of your fantasy world, with the beauty of nature all around. This room is also equipped with a 42inch LED along with a Netflix subscription. They are comparatively more costly than the other category, however, they do complete justice to the amenities they provide. 

Amenities for Couples at IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg

  1. Pick-up and Drop services

One of the most hassles, one experiences is commutation. IBNI Springs Madikeri makes sure that they provide pick-up and drop services to their guests from stations or airports. It is very convenient for couples who want to travel privately and explore the local area.

  • Dining

You can have an incredible breakfast experience with your loved ones at their famous Four-season restaurant. The meal is prepared to keep in mind the hygiene conditions and cleanliness. You also have the option to select from their special menu of healthy meals.

  • Wi-fi

A seamless and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection is provided to the guests to make sure they have a happy experience. They don’t want our guests to experience discomfort due to the internet, they provide high-speed internet connectivity of up to 100MBPS in all the rooms.

  • Good Sleep Experience

They provide high-quality spacious rooms with comfortable bedding that give a good sleeping experience to couples.

IS IBNI Springs Madikeri a couple-friendly resort?

If you are a newly-married couple or someone who wants to reconnect, this place is just a good fit for you. It provides a wide range of activities like trekking, river rafting, bird watching, and waterfall gazing.

The serene view provides a stress-free and love-filled outing for the couple. The couples feel welcomed at IBNI Springs due to their versatile activities, amazing hospitality, and extremely comfortable stay. The waterfall right behind the resort is the icing on the cake. The couple can have some peaceful time around the waterfall and spend some quality time together. They can even admire nature in each other’s company. Experience a romantic getaway with your significant other. Spend your days exploring the nearby beauties and you can kick back and relax in the lap of luxury. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack up your bags and head out to the best hotel in Coorg for the Honeymoon of your dreams. Book your cottage in Coorg and make your dream of an amazing getaway come true. If you are someone who likes a secluded and peaceful environment, choose from the cottages that are surrounded by dense greenery all around.  Whether it’s a savoring moment from sunset to sunrise or getting cozy under the stars with a romantic dinner, you will have an unforgettable honeymoon experience. The opportunity to unwind and relax, you will surely get a magical experience. Dive into a blissful experience which you will look back on and cherish forever. 

So go ahead and book for your special someone the best resort in Madikeri for a honeymoon.

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